Transformational Coaching and Individualized Yoga

Throughout my thirty years as a teacher, I have always been aware of the transformative power of deep listening. 

When we listen, or are listened to, from a depth of presence, our natural, innate wisdom is called forth. We gain access to a deeper knowing that is always available even when we feel disconnected from it.

The coaching I offer is based on the following fundamental principles that underly our human experience: 

  • We were all born with innate well-being and equal access to wisdom. No one  has more or less than anyone else as we all come from the same source of unlimited intelligence.

  • We remain at our essence whole and undamaged, with unlimited creative resources, regardless of our current or past life experience. Our human journey is one of remembrance of our unlimited Nature, who we are beyond our human conditioning.

  • We live in thought-created realities. Thoughts are impersonal and universal and we cannot choose which thoughts we think, only which we follow.

  • Our feelings are an immediate reflection of our thinking in the moment and subject to continual change. We may or may not be consciously aware of the thoughts associated with a particular feeling.

  • We do not need to worry about passing thoughts and feelings, even intense ones. Instead we can recognize them as the gift that they are, showing us our creative power and when we are out of alignment with our deeper desire.

As we become more friendly and curious towards passing thoughts and feelings, we see their impersonal nature and stop placing so much meaning and seriousness on them. We see we are not our thoughts and our focus shifts naturally toward our deeper nature of unconditional love, and toward what it is we most want to express and experience in our lives.

It is a beautiful thing to know that each of us at times needs support to access the wisdom within, the part of us that knows everything we need to know in order to live joyful and fulfilling lives. 

It is my pleasure and honor to listen deeply, in a way that supports you in accessing your own innate wisdom and well-being. Bringing our joyful presence and creative gifts forward is the greatest service we can offer our world.


What You Can Expect

  • See through self- limiting mental patterns and cultural conditioning 

  • Clarify what it is you really want to focus on and experience

  • Experience the unlimited creative resources within you and connect with your innate confidence, clarity and compassion

  • Define action steps toward achieving your hearts desire

  • Learn simple somatic practices to experience less stress and more joyful, present moment awareness

  • Optional: A simple, effective daily Yoga practice designed for your overall well-being.  

About Me

Like many others, I was born into very challenging life circumstances. At the same time, I was born blessed with a natural and intuitive understanding of the ancient science of Yoga. The practice and teaching of Yoga has served me and others throughout my life.

Although I have been a Yoga teacher for over 30 years, I have also suffered personally from the belief that my early childhood conditioning had damaged me forever. 

I believed that I was essentially unsafe and unloveable because this is how I felt throughout my childhood and throughout much of my adulthood.

Although my natural wisdom came through my teaching and my writing, I often suffered with intense feelings of shame and resentment, believing I was 

a victim of my past.  

As a result of the relational challenges I witnessed in myself and those around me, I was inspired to develop Principle-Based Partner Yoga. It is a practice that awakens our innate capacity for trust, openness, compassion and intimacy.

Coming to recognize the underlying principles that create our human experience has been life-changing and liberating. Realizing the deeper Truth of our unlimited Nature continues to be the primary focus of my life.

I am honored and inspired to support others who may be suffering from painful thoughts and feelings that seem to be preventing them from living joyful and fulfilling live

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Elysabeth brings decades of study and practice of many diverse teachings and tools, and I have benefitted greatly from her perspective and life experience. She has supported me by providing an honest reflection of myself and through deep listening and somatic practices that I can continue to use on my own. Elysabeth brings great wisdom to her clients and lovingly calls forth the wisdom contained within each of us.”  -client, Seattle, WA

“Elysabeth has masterful intuition regarding the gifts and needs of each student. I was entranced with how she individually tailored cueing and postures for each of us, creating an environment of trust, and a desire to expand beyond our perceived limitations.”    -student, Rochester, NY 

“We are all still basking in the warm sweet glow of our time with you. This was truly unlike any Yoga I have ever done and I long for more. You are an amazing teacher Elysabeth, and you have such a beautiful and radiant spirit and energy. Your skillfulness in teaching is so inspiring and I am truly honored to have been able to host you at my studio..”  -studio owner, Houston, TX